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Thread: Earn up to $50 in free crypto with coinbase earn

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    Earn up to $50 in free crypto with coinbase earn

    Get up to 50$ in XLM and EOS with coinbase earn!

    All you have to do is verify yourself on coinbase and use one of the links below!

    You'll have a small quiz following questions, the answers are below as well!

    EOS - 1/4 left:

    Q1: A blockchain protocol for fast scalable applications.

    Q2: Delegated proof of stake.

    Q3: Fast, free transfers.

    Q4: Stake EOS tokens.

    Q5: Upgradeable smart contracts

    XLM - 2/4 left:

    Q1: Stellar is A decentrilized protocol that unites the worlds financial infrastructure

    Q2: Stellar lumens -> Facilitating low cost universal payments

    Q3: Why use for Reminaces -> Transactions are fast, inexpensive, and global

    Q4: Why would banks and businesses use stellar -> To issue and exchange tokens quickly

    Q5: Stellar Consensus -> It relies on the agreement of trusted nodes
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    A new cryptocurrency:

    OXT (earn up to $12, not including invites) - 2/4 left -

    1. New peer-to-peer privacy tool

    2. OXT, as well as Orchid app, and a Web3 wallet

    3. Support for multihop configurations between bandwidth providers

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