We are a two-man team that is trying to build momentum and a brand for our kink filled content.
GB Studios is looking for comic writers and artists.
Would you like to write comics and get paid for it?
Well, guess what: YOU CAN!
Attached below is a link to download a rundown and script format for you to use.
Please read and follow the rules below.

GBS + Illiminaughty Comic Pitch Template


- Download the script/rundown word file.

- Fill out the file with your idea using the rundown section to describe characters personality, appearance, locations and important objects.

- Fill out the script following our format of panel and page breakdowns.

- Your comic pitch must be a minimum of 10 pages, that is a single issue.

- Your comic need only be a standalone, but it can have the potential for a sequel.

- You may write a sequel to any of our established comics, you can spot those HERE to get a better idea on which story you'd like to write a follow up for.

- You may mix and match any of our characters to engage with one another. For example, You want Penny and Mooshy to hang out you can do that etc…

- After you are done email us the script at graybluestudios[at]


- $25 per accepted script
- $35 per page for comic artists, our comics are 10 pages long meaning you'd make $350 on each job.


- Remember that these are fetish comics and it's important that each issue have plenty of fetish material. We want at least half of the panels + pages filled with fappable content.

- We like a variety of plots + characters in our comic catalog, so consider various genres or periods/settings (like medieval, etc.) and see if you can find a unique twist to the material!

- While we can't use copywritten characters we can do thinly veiled parodies of pre-existing characters. For example, instead of Chun Li, we can do say an anthro panda girl with similar thighs or just create an analog for her. Also, know they don't NEED to be anthropomorphic animals, they can be human and such.

- You can include other fetishes (expansion, size change, gender swap, bondage, vore etc.) within your story. Our biggest sellers are obviously flatulence, feet, butt stuff, so that has to be the main focus. You can, of course, write a fart-filled comic and we can always make a fart free version through mild changing of dialog and removal of flatulence, so you can write the alternatives of a panel in a different color like red.

- We like concepts that can become a full series, but don't want to be forced into a multi-issue commitment. We recommend writing the first issue as a stand-alone story with the potential to continue should we (or the readers) deem it worthy of additional installments.

- Be sure to check our WILL and WON’T in order to guarantee you are within the parameters for a comic pitch.

- According to analytics, our top selling content includes bbw, farting, giantess, anal vore, domination, female on female.


anal vore, butt fetishes (farting, face sitting, smothering, sniffing), females, furries, fattie, foot fetishes (paws, soles, stomping), growth/transformation, herms, macro, males, micro, muscle, ( gain, loss, flexing), oral vore, pop culture characters (cartoons, video games, etc), weight gain, humans, monsters (demons, angels, aliens, mythological creatures)


armor, cubs, gore (bloody, dismemberment), mecha, multiple genitals, original characters without creator(s) permission, rape, robots, scat, underage sexual content, unbirth, urination, vomit

Please contact as soon as possible.

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