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Thread: Ahahahah! :')

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    Ahahahah! :')

    Maybe for most of you it doesn't mean anything but, if you were italian you would know him!

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    Don't know who is he but he definitely wasn't in a hurry to test and get to know what is her "speciality" is)

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    Yeah sorry but this is just lame fake farts thus pointless video. The guy is awkward and annoying af. I'm guessing if I was Italian I would think he was a really bad comedian. Some type of bottom shelf Borat rip off.

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    im tired of this fat head ass bitch and her fake farts, im also tired of you guys posting this fake shit in the forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by saboo32 View Post
    I'm guessing if I was Italian I would think he was a really bad comedian.
    I'm Italian and I agree.

    Actually, he's not even trying to be a comedian for me. I'd say he's just a character for the "trash culture" that a lot of dudes after hitting puberty love. I would've never heard his name if it wasn't for my classmates back when I went in high school...
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    This is not the dubbed farts topic.

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