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Thread: Females Farting In The Media DUBBED (Movies, Cartoons, Videos games etc)

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    Quote Originally Posted by thedude666999 View Post
    I assume the earlier fart scene this season didn't involve women? Amazing find regardless, although it's unlikely I really hope there's more in the season.
    Let me put it like this. There has never been one fart reference on this show in any season. Now this season has 2 very prominent fart scenes, first one with a man, second one with this chick. So it's very likely that they will have another bc Fargo likes to repeat themes throughout the season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by suspect09 View Post

    SUPER hot fart scene from the latest season of Fargo. This one half of a lesbian stickup duo eats a pie that has been poisoned with Ipecac. They ride over to the scene of their next stickup in a hearse, hiding in a coffin, and one who ate the pie starts cutting farts while they are both trapped in this air tight coffin. The farting goes on into the robbery scene and the farts they use in that are lame stock sounds but the first three in the coffin are great, plus the setting is really hot. She's cute too. Warning, she does vomit later on so that's not as sexy.

    Apparently this is the second fart scene in this season so this might be a theme for the season, they have NEVER done scenes like this before.
    Great fucking find, keeping this thread alive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by suspect09 View Post
    Warning, she does vomit later on so that's not as sexy.
    Luckily I'm cool with that. But, admittedly, it's not a great scene. The farts aren't doing much to the scene, they're just stock sounds added in.
    The previous scene is another story hehehe... good find.

    Quote Originally Posted by suspect09 View Post
    first one with a man, second one with this chick.
    Could you give me a brief description? Was there any (good looking) woman in the scene? I'm kinda into some scenarios like that... otherwise it's cool, I'll look it up myself if you could at least tell me which episode this happened in.
    "Sweet God, what have you eaten today?! No wait, don't say it, let me find out my way..."

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    Aya Cash farts in You?re the Worst s4e3. 1:41
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    Snooki from jersey shore farting 40:18

    Might’ve been real but they dubbed over it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmyjink1 View Post
    Now this could be nothing but I remember reading an article on the DVD review of "Good Luck Chuck" (I'm not a fan of the movie btw)

    In the article it says there's a few alternative scenes that has "everything from Dane Cook sprinkling sugar on his head while singing about a winter wonderland to Charlie and Cam having a fart-off in bed"

    I don't know it there's much to it and can't find the alternative scenes anywhere it would be cool if someone could clarify if they have the DVD. here's the link if anyone's interested
    I was able to get my hands on the American DVD of this movie, but this ?alternate scene? was not there. I?m pretty sure that the only version of this movie that has this scene is the Australian DVD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prin34 View Post
    BAD GIRLS CLUB (SOME UNSEEN ONES) there is a fart in this episode but i don't have the timestamp, but 100% sure there is a fart from Lexie another one here from lexie too
    39:20 mencioning it and maybe other one before 24:15 another one by lexi Char farted 25:29, 29:55 other girl 30:45 22:14 and maybe other by jannelle 23:20 Here I don't have timestamp but it's before 34:00 min don't have timestamp Blondie farted
    Can you redo the links or at least tell me the episodes are

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