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Thread: Butt Smelling Thread

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    Butt Smelling Thread


    I'd like to create a central thread devoted to butt smelling as well as sniffing fingers that have been up girl's butts. Some will include farting, but not all of them will. The main focus that I'm interested in is more the actual smelling of the anus. The ideal videos to me are those in which the girl acts a little bit embarrassed about it. Most of the available videos along these lines, however, are of the femdom forced ass sniffing genre. So there will be many more of those I'm sure.

    I will contribute some of my favorites to this thread over time and it'd be nice if others could post here as well instead of creating a million separate threads. I often can't log on for long periods of times and it can be somewhat overwhelming trying to catch up if it's been a while. It'd be much easier if we tried to organize things a little bit. Anyway, that probably won't happen I just thought I'd throw it out there as a suggestion

    I'll probably be pretty slow about it but I'll try to consistently contribute to this thread. Assuming there's interest, of course. I'll start with my first submission in the next post.

    Dr. Benway

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    RE: Butt Smelling Thread

    Name: sniffme.wmv

    This is a great clip from Unfortunately I lost the source store, so if anyone know which store this came from please let me know! I'd like to buy more from them. It involves a woman passed out drunk and her friend sniffing her ass, the whole time saying how dirty she is and how embarrassed she would be if she knew what was happening. She eventually pulls her pants down and gets in even deeper with lots and lots of sniffing.

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    This is something I am very into in real life. What type of descriptions do these clips have when people are describing the smell?

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    Me too! This weekend I slept with a girl who let me put my hand on her bare ass. I got my fingers rubbing on her ass hole and then "we" went to bed. after she was asleep i smelled them like crazy! I would love to see a section like this. And nice movie clip!

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    This is great. I love sniffing a nice female ass. Any size, my nose just has to explore the aroma of a butt.

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    THANKS IM SO INto ASS SMELLING I was working in finding ass smelling video's but i found a main source : Ill post loads of videos of ass smelling soon !!!!!I got loads!!

    But i got an clip4sale clip but i cant buy it ill show you !

    This girl got a smell clip . Just typ in search smell or scroll down!


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    I LOVE IT. To smell the butt from a beautiful girl is awesome. I realy like during 69 with my gf :-D

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    I love girl butt smell. It's always a huge turn on the first time you hook-up with a girl and smell her down there. I find that I only get complaints about sniffing a girl's ass when I ask. I usually just move onto the b-hole after eating the pussy for a little while. They don't care. A lot of girls won't admit to liking getting their assholes worshipped, but many do fucking love that. Closet cases. Oh well.

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    I'm having problems opening that first file. Is it still working properly? I'd love to see that clip!

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