View Poll Results: Does your family or your friends know that you have fart fetish?

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  • No, but I am planing to say them about that (very soon)

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Thread: Is your family know that you have fart fetish?

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    No fam... But my last four girl friends knew and three of them farted on me constantly. It eventually turned them on to fart on me.. because i got so turned on so quickly.. it became like a secret weapon.

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    RE: Is your family know that you have fart fetish?

    Just my girlfriend and loves doing it for me.

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    I have told my mom

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    I think my cousin might know. He saw the gassyerotica home page on my phone and asked me about it. I said someone sent me a link and had no idea what it was. Not sure if he believed me lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by punkdrummer401 View Post
    I have told my mom
    How did she react?

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    Her reaction was a little confused at first. Wondering why and how I got into such a thing. She’s accepting of me liking farts though.

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    Nobody in my family knows about it and I don't plan on telling them, especially my parents. I might tell my female cousin one day when she's older maybe (HUGE maybe), she has farted loudly in front of me before albeit by accident and overall she seems ok with farting.

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    Current and past GF's have known and they've been accepting of it and indulged me. As for family that's a no no

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    nope, only my current and ex gf knows

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