So here's the story: I made an account on this site that I later deactivated due to the account name being associated with me. I thought this would make it so that all the posts I made on this site would be either removed or under some "deactivated account" name, but I was mistaken. All my posts are still up, and to make matters worse, they show up in Google search results!

I contacted the site's office and support multiple times to get this problem solved. As you can see below, I made a suggestion to let me report the posts that I made that I wanted removed, and they agreed to it.

As you can see by the date, it has been well over a month and little to no progress has been made in fulfilling my request. I have made three additional follow-up emails, one every two weeks, to try to get information on the progress being made, but I have gotten nothing. I'm worried by the amount of time that this is taking, and I am getting very stressed that my posts may never be deleted. I fully understand it is my fault that I made the posts under a username that is associated with me in the first place, however, it is upsetting to me that where many other sites are quick to act on user requests to remove their own posts, GassyErotica makes it an absolute hassle.

Please admins! Please let me remove the content from this site that I no longer want publicly on the internet! I have gone through my posts from my past account and reported all of them again, so please stay true to your words and take down the posts!