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Thread: Farting girl from Germany

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    Talking Farting girl from Germany

    So hey,

    I rolled into the fetish community about 6 months ago and noticed that my twitter profile grew a lot and I do received so much love from all members. I guess farting for me is a natural habit, but obviously many men are already a big fan of me .

    Once a while I do meetups with fans in Europe who are willing to travel to Germany. You can checkout my name on twitter to see more from me

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    welcome to the fart forum
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    Que del?*cia

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    Finally a beautiful lady who farts online and who is also willing to do meetups!!!! This is so amazing!!! The internet is full of beautiful women who sell clips, but after some time, simply watching and hearing pretty girls farting is not enough, you have a deep desire to experience the warm wind in your face and the smell filling your lungs and your mouth! I am from Greece and I would totally come to Germany to sniff your farts, so I am really interested in learning more about the meetups you are talking about

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