Hello and Welcome to the Gassyerotica Forum.

Forum Rules (TOS - Terms of Service) - Last Updated on 8th March 2012

Gassyerotica reserves rights to change forum rules without posting notifications in forum or public networks.

Don't feel limited because of this rules, they are simply here to help us protect stability of this forum, your safety and to eliminate those who wants to ruin it

Gassyerotica - Fart fetish Forum (www.gassyerotica.net) is not a producer (primary or secondary) of any and all of the content found on the website (gassyerotica.net) therefore, we do not sell content to our users.
Underage Violation

It's Forbidden to use this forum if you are not adult person with at least 18 years.

(in some countries legal age may be different)


Basic relationships in the community

As a first time visitor, and a person without virtual ID in our base, you are called a Guest.

By completing registration you become Gassyerotica member and you use benefits of the community and respect forum rules.
You are free to express your opinions, share your stories and everything you need to say in appropriate forums, but you may not insult other members, spread racism,
or harm our users, that also includes you need to respect team members decisions (administrators/super moderators/moderators/leaders of team)

Abusing forum script, hacking forum and persons accounts will result kicking from the board.

Administrators can disable your account without reason, anytime if they believe you are dangerous for community!


Posting of forbidden content

Posting and downloading content forbidden by the global laws of Europe and International law is forbidden.

That includes child pornography, animal cruelty and any other kind of extreme porn with real violance.
This rule also includes posting content forbidden by the owner of Gassyerotica you will find under this rule if specified:
Violating user privacy

Announcing Private User(s) data as IP adress, Home Adress, and everything we know it's confidential is forbidden to post, without admin permission.


Copyright Violation (DMCA)

Attaching (hosting) Copyrighted content, such as Pictures, Videos and text on Gassyerotica site without owners permission.

Gasyerotica is sharing based site so it's allowed to post links from upload services such as Rapidshare.com, uploading.com etc,
Gassyerotica is not responsable for content out of her hosting.
Content of dead (inactive) websites is welcome.

If you believe that your copyright work was violated in our forum, feel free to send authentic DMCA takedown request

Faster and recommended solution in that case would be to contact service where file is physically hosted.


Fart sites related advertisement

It's forbidden to post-advertise related (fart) websites, forums or blogs with a lot of content without permission.



Spamming forum (posting recently deleted content) is forbidden as posting links to malicious websites.


Gassyerotica Hidden Content violation

it's forbidden to repost hidden forum content as unhidden.This rule also includes reposting it in the same thread, other threads but it's not limited sometimes if the hidden content was reposted few times in different topics without team complaint.

>> Additional Information - Using hide option- re/posting with hide option in forum:

You can simply use hide option if you click on the button
, it's located in toolbar of bbcode text editor when you post new thread or in advanced (full) reply mode.

If you are not member of premium Gassyerotica rank it's forbidden that you request or repost hidden content in forum thread but also in PM

(private messages). It's also forbidden to share hidden content with other users by Pm if you are not original poster.


Using wrong descriptions

Using wrong Forum Prefixes or Tags

In some forums there will be special thread description you need to respect.

Double nicknames

Creating more then one nickname (username) is forbidden.If you need to have two or more usernames contact forum administration for permission.



Gassyerotica will occasionly or whole time collect money donations to cover the bills of hosting, technical support and additional software required for running site on secure and fast way and will also use available resources such as offering various site bonuses of site friends (partners).

Gassyerotica respects privacy of all donators.


Once donation is made, in the time of 48 hours, admin will review and confirm your payment.

Gassyerotica can't return already donated ammount without a valid reason, so once you decide to send your donation to Gassyerotica, you can't get it back.


Advertising in forum violation

If you didn't agreed paid advertising on site with administrator, you can't spam your site by posting new threads very often,

but if you each time include preview to community (for example each time new free fart video) it wont be a problem to post numerous times.

You can express your advertising ideas through forum signature, but make shure you don't brake the rule of using letters too much bigger then the size of usual posts.

In every case , feel free to use signatures and admin will decide if your signature can stay in forum or not.

Gassyerotica Fart List

Fart list was created to help our fart lovers to find quality and real fart content, but also to warn on girls who don't make authentic - real content.
Pumped or dubbed farts are not real farts, and this forum will only support girls with real content.

To get on the fartlist you need to :

- make at least 4 fart clips, (this limit may vary) so we can check are you authentic or not
- say hello in forum or contact gassyerotica privately gassyerotica@gmail.com requesting to be put on fartlist
- include 2 sites you preffer to be put in your entry

members can also suggest girls for the fartlist on the same email gassyerotica@gmail.com

Why you are still not on the fartlist?

- because it was hard to determine if your content was real
- because we don't know about you *yet* or we are currently too busy
- you have clip or two not worth to be mentioned!

More about using Gassyerotica fartlist is included here.

Sticked rules violation

During the forum life, there will be a sticked (temporary) rules that also means they have to be respected no matter if they are not included in this rules.