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Thread: Captured: An animated Giantess Fart and Vore Video

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    Captured: An animated Giantess Fart and Vore Video

    *** This animation contains the following themes ***

    - Oral Vore
    - Burping
    - Footplay
    - Breastplay
    - Vaginal Vore
    - Anal Vore
    - Farting

    A friend of ours named Saxanas has finally finished their largest animation yet!
    It's been a crazy experience and they really put their all into this one for fans of giantess content and flatulence, which there will be more to come (or to cum haha pun).

    You may be granted early access to download the full 1080p animation through their Patreon if pledged as a Mega Supporter. And if you can't afford that, don't fret, because the 720p version will be available to everyone publicly on 10/29/2019!

    This animation would not have been possible to make without the support they've gotten from both the community and their patrons.

    They have shown to be so thankful to sponsors for their patient and supportive of their work, and they hope you'll enjoy it as much as they did making it!

    For a video sample Illuminaughty (which will be rebranded next month) has cut a trailer to grant a taste test of whats to come.
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