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Thread: Found this gem on reddit

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    Found this gem on reddit

    Was just browsing the fart subreddits the other day and found this post.

    Thought it was worth a shot and it was! Great amateur farts and nice people to hang out with. She's said that shes saving for a new phone for even higher quality clips.

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    Does she show her face, or talk at all? Totally anonymous clips don't really do much for me.

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    No face in vids for privacy reasons but she posts pics and talks in vc. Talking wise, she doesn’t normally but you could ask her nicely. Won’t be custom level for only $5 so ymmv

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    So some girl has a discord where she posts her farts? Are they genuine farts and not pumped or dubbed? How often does she post? Does she ever do nude farts?

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    Wish I could see a clip of her farting before paying. Like how some videos show previews.

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    They are real she doesn’t even know how to pump or has anything that would work like one. Some clips are nude but not all the time. There’s also another girl in the server who makes content. It’s against the rules to leak clips without permission but I can show you the other girl because she already published hers publicly.
    both the server owner and the girl from the clip post content when they can and might actually collab one day.

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