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Thread: Ideas and advice (Opening a clip store)

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    Ideas and advice (Opening a clip store)

    Hey guys, Me and a female friend of mine are looking at opening a fart clip store in the near future. At the moment we are still in a planning phase thinking about things such as where to host our store, more ideas for videos, what equipment we need etc.

    The store will mainly showcase facefarting/domination kind of stuff not really solo videos (unless that turns out to be more popular). Any creative ideas for videos or advice of any kind to help us out getting this started would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you

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    I'd like to give some more constructive criticism (I need some on my own Post)
    But make sure your audio is top quality. avoid any static or buzz.

    A powerful camera is not impossible and still be affordable.
    Don't be afraid to exercise creativity and try new things like green screen giantess video.

    If you need logo branding I am a graphic designer so I can always be hired for that.
    This is my recent post, please have a gander and give any constructive criticism you can.

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