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Thread: Developing a Patreon For Adult Erotica

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    Developing a Patreon For Adult Erotica


    Over the next couple of days, my friend and I are working behind the scenes to make progress in developing our new illuminaughty patreon.

    Illuminaughty is a rotating collective of writers and artists creating high-quality erotica comics. We use Patreon to help cover the costs of our illustrious talent. Our comics are 10 pages of interior content and can range from a one-shot to multiple issues to convey a longer story. Comics are released on a roughly bi-monthly basis. Ideally, we'd like to go for monthly which is one of our goals. We are fans of all sorts of creatures be they humans, furries, aliens, and demons, we are a regular cornucopia of characters to get at that erotic itch. We enjoy female domination primarily so you will see women farting, sitting, and smothering others. We want to bring all sorts of lewd material and put it on display for viewers like you!

    Our relationship is one of symbiosis. You fund us and we create the goods to get your freak on. You'll get all sorts of things. From concept art to patron only discounts, sneak peeks, teasers, votes on content, stories, occasional requests and miscellaneous goodies that get created along the way. This is, of course, on top of any of the free content that we release to the general public. We may add goals in the future and as we grow we'll work to always improve this place and community.

    We are just looking forward to keeping you all in the loop. We would like to discuss and hear what you are interested in and what stories can be made so feel free to please step up and reach out.

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    We have a new comic coming out, aiming for next month where a woman goes to jail and is dominated by two fat ass inmates who fart in her face and then shove the little bitch up their huge ass!

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