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Thread: Where Is Everyone From?

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    Oakland, CA here

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    UK here

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    I am from germany

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    tiny country in Central America called Costa Rica

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    RE: Where Is Everyone From?

    I come from The Netherlands.

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    I am from

    An Aussie joke.
    A refuse collector, on his rounds meets a house holder collecting his milk, but forgot to put his rubbish out.
    Where's ya bin mate.
    I bin Brizzy. Gold Coast, surfin
    Na, Na Mate - Wheres ya wheelie bin.
    Ok - I tells ya, I wheely bin Darwin, Gold Coast to bloody expensive.

    Cop ya lata Guys.

    Complements of Olly, oh sorry I'm from Melbourne.

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    I,m from Georgia, USA

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    I'm also from Germany/Bavaria

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