I briefly posted about this once before in the media thread, but it seemed to get buried and so in hopes of reaching wider I thought I'd make a thread.

Around 2009-2010 or so I remember seeing a clip from an Asian (pretty sure Japanese) show/movie on Youtube.
It had two girls who were either sword fighting or doing martial arts, can't remember which, but one girl knocked the other to the ground in a rather dramatic fashion, then mocked her, crouched over her face and farted.
Based on the cinematography it seemed fairly low budget from what I remember, it felt more like a show rather than a movie but I'm not entirely sure.
It also seemed to have somewhat of a dramatic tone based on the framing and music cues, most likely for a comedic effect since it revolved around a fart scene.
I remember the farting girl acting very proud and mocking in a rather comedic way, while the other girl didn't say much other than yelling when she got knocked down and when she got farted on, she also passed out afterwards.
They both had long black hair and both wore white (most likely martial arts) robe-outfits.
The scene took place inside, my guess would be a dojo.
The fart was pretty long, obviously dubbed, but at least not any standard stock sound I'd heard before.

If anyone recognizes anything about this, do tell, been searching for it forever.