Lost Bet Facesitting & Farting Punishment, Starring Dakota Charms & Layla Moore, 4k


Layla Moore has lost a bet with Dakota Charms, and now must take her punishment. Dakota has eaten tons of beans, cauliflower and other assorted foods to load up her ass with noxious gas. She blasts fart after fart up Layla's nose and into her mouth. Layla gags and complains, but takes her just punishment. Dakota's ass and toots smell absolutely rancid, making Layla gag and getting her eyes rolling and tearing up. Layla's nose is firmly pressed up against Dakota's nasty ass hole, with only a thin layer of fabric from her short shorts in between. Layla is miserable, choking and gagging on the foul stench of Dakota's pungent poots. To add even more humiliation to Layla's face farting punishment, Dakota informs Layla that she is not allowed to wash her face, and she has to come out to the club with her all night long, with her face reeking of rotten ass. Layla really needs to stop making bets she can't win.

Resolution: 4k
Format: MP4
Runtime: 8:05
Camera: Tripod, fixed angle
Starring: Dakota Charms & Layla Moore