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Thread: Females Farting In The Media DUBBED (Movies, Cartoons, Videos games etc)

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    Someone already timestamped in the comments

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    1,191 36:00-40:35 4:33 24:04

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    Has anyone managed to find the ‘Good Luck Chuck’ deleted scene?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roland View Post
    Chinese (I think) animation with two hot chicks in an elevator, the smell of the first one's hairs makes the second one fart (yeah, I don't get how it works lol) but the latter lets the blame fall on the first one when some people walk in.
    The best part comes later: the woman wafts her hairs towards the gassy girl and the latter is struggling to keep her gas in, with her hands on her buttocks.
    Then the elevator opens up, the people walk out and smirking just as she is leaving the gassy woman lets it rip. This stinks up the elevator and a handsome man walks in, noticing the putrid smell and the "innocent" woman inside.
    I love it when a girl is desperate to fart but holds it in and then eventually lets it go. Wish there was "real" material like this.
    Quote Originally Posted by test71 View Post
    Says the first one is unavailable now, know where else it could be viewed?
    God, how did I miss this? I'm terribly sorry, but if someone still wants to check it out, here it is:!snQSXa5A!QoZegIayk...CDQvxcA-QpQFDs
    Sorry for my English.

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    This is awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fiend0401 View Post

    This is awesome.

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