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Thread: Females Farting In The Media DUBBED (Movies, Cartoons, Videos games etc)

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    chiwoodkim has some funny clips on her Instagram. Three that I saw were: When sex gets good, never sneak up on bae, and when you get too comfortable. There might be more.

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    From Drifters s4 e5

    I'm sure someone posted it for the scene towards the end, when one of the main characters has to use the toilet during a race and keeps farting until she ends up pooping herself while she's kissing a guy, then she gets in the toilet and a bunch of farts are heard.
    However, there is more from that same episode.

    We have:
    - If someone's into it like me, a pee scene at the beginning
    - @05:50 the girl lets one go while stretching, her friend behind her complains
    - @09:41 toilet scene where she poops and farts, progresses into the classic sketch where she locks herself out of the boy's house forgetting her turd inside (except instead of having the turd because she clogged the toilet this time it's because she had to collect a poop sample)
    Sorry for my English.

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    Does anyone know where I can get this translated properly or find anything listed on it

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    Quote Originally Posted by swordgunz View Post
    Does anyone know where I can get this translated properly or find anything listed on it
    That's a lot to type out, I assume Chrome's translating feature should work, though. It's a list of manga, anime, games, and novels in that order, and the chapters/episode if known where farts are found. And each one has a bottom section for adult/hentai stuff.

    Pretty much all of the anime have been in those anime girl fart collections. I'm more interested in the manga and games since a lot of those I've never seen.

    Like this one from Tsukune Chan +30
    She's saying, "A fart came out from the inside of my body, ahaha."

    And one for games, at 0.55 she farts and you have the choice to ignore it or ask "what was that sound?" He picks the latter, and she blames it on the bench.
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