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Thread: Females Farting In The Media DUBBED (Movies, Cartoons, Videos games etc)

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    It’s on the CBS app. At about 14:30. Good find.

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    anybody have season 3 episode 1 of the old sitcom g spot. supposedly the main character farts throughout

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    looks like its only on amazon

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    Here's a list of movies with female fart scenes. We've all seen most of them, but there's a few on there I've never heard of. Maybe somebody can find the scenes.

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    A Quiet Place? Seriously?

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    Yeah, I was like, "No there isn't." lol

    But The Weirdsies, King of B Movies, Sexsquatch, etc. I've never heard of.

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    3 farts from the same character on 2 and a half men. does anyone know why her character farts so much or if there's more?

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    fake fart from one of the best asses ever. at least she's admitting she farts.

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    She farted on According to Jim too

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    Fart prank from really, really hot girl.

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