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Thread: lesbian fart

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    lesbian fart

    I figure this would be fake anyway since no human on the planet can fart this much. But it's hot anyway just seeing her reactions to it.
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    LOL, man does that voice sound familiar. does it sound to anybody else like alice putting on an accent?

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    Wow, if those farts were real she would have killed everyone in a five mile radius from a lack of oxygen. But it's a nice fantasy that a girl can fart without break for 11 minutes, and her reactions were pretty hot although a bit over acted. Does anyone know what the source of this clip is?

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    I just went back and counted. She farted about 230 times in that video. Wow, if only girls could be this gassy in real life.

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    I wish girls would fart this much. I'd be in heaven. A shame it's fake, when I listened to it it sounded dubbed in but she farted so damn much that nobody not even Ana Didovic can fart this much at one time. Still these ladies were hot and I loved seeing the girl lick her ass and give it some smooches while she was farting. Does anybody know who these ladies are? I thought these girls were from the Fartbabes because they seem to have accents.

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    Does anyone still have this? I'd be curious to see it, even though it's obviously dubbed. Dailymotion took it down

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