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Thread: Making video screen Captures

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    Making video screen Captures

    For making screen captures from videos, use free BS player:

    1. Download BS player:
    size : ~1024 KB .

    2.Extract and run setup/online installer to install the program.

    3. Open video file with BS player to make preview screenshots and on the right click find options 1 and 2:

    4.Choose either option 1 if you would capture whole frame as a picture or option 2 if you would loved to get thumbnail preview as a picture like this:

    5.upload file to and announce in Gassyerotica topic


    You can make screenshots with this program for almost 70% of video formats.

    your picture will be saved in BS player installation folder by default

    C:/Program Files/Webteh/BSPlayer/bscapXXXX.jpg

    under windows OS.

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    I had trouble getting this to work on my system (Windows 7 64-bit). Instead I've started using Media Player Classic Home Cinema and it works quite well.

    Simply install, File->Quick Open to open the file you want to screencap then File->Save Thumbnails, adjust the parameters to your liking and click Save

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    I have hypercam and I find that really ok too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antdawg View Post
    Is there something else I can use because I have quite a few clips I want to upload but I can't make any previews now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HOOF HEARTED View Post
    Thanks a lot man!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HOOF HEARTED View Post
    I'll try that one out, even though i use Media Player Classic and KM Player for Screen captures

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    Give moviethumbnailer a shot.

    Simply extract the zip. Then drag your video file to mtn.exe and let go. It will automatically make a preview of the video file you dropped on it, and save it in the same map you got the video file from. This also works for full directories, just drag them and let them go on mtn.exe, it will create previews for all of them.

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