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Thread: Mean Bitch Farting

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    i gotta say-i honestly laugh at these two more than i get turned on! this is viral video potential! hahahahha the dialogue is just hillarious

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    Also its unbelievably fake. Those dubbed fart sounds were totally unrealistic.

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    ^^ thanks for the tip

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    o hey look magnum came back, wb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mudofale View Post
    o hey look magnum came back, wb.
    Going to spam the forums and instead just one big post... He always does this

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    links are gone can you fix please?

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    Finally she cried, "Aaaaaah!!!" as she came with my cock up her asshole, her pussy gushing all over my balls as I continued to plow her sweet shitter. Her arse convulsed around my dick, gripping me like a vice as I fucked her.

    I was so fuckin' turned on that I switched gears; my thrusting suddenly doubling in speed.

    My athletic assault into her asshole was merciless and unrelenting. She moaned loudly as I fucked her tight hole like a jackhammer. We were both drenched in sweat, and the room reeked of sex.

    My cock made her ass fart shockingly loudly again and again, lubed up by her pussy juices. There was no stopping now.

    "My ass is farting your name!" she cried amidst the ass-fuck-fart noises... "Can you hear it? Fuck my fuckin' asshole! You own me! Make my asshole fart your fuckin' name!!!" she wailed crazily as I neared my orgasm.

    I told her I was gonna cum...

    "In my mouth!" she cried, popping her ass off of my nearly cumming dick with a farting noise before I could react. She spun round onto her knees and began to fuckin' suck my goddamn sausage with her soft full lips like a fuckin' vacuum. This was ATM at its very best indeed.

    Fucking bitch hardly
    Cenforce 100, Fildena
    Vidalista 20
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