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  1. test
  2. Oregon willing to do anything.
  3. Mass
  4. midwest ladies
  5. any german girl here?
  6. search a german girl where loves to fart
  7. Girls
  8. Couples or Singles in Florida
  9. Looking for yor ass
  10. Girls 18-21
  11. looking in chicago
  12. Looking in michigan
  13. Look for girls from Germany (18-25)
  14. ladies
  15. georgia date
  16. Fart Slave looking
  17. Any other Aussies?
  18. SeKiNg SeXy FaRt GiRlZ iN lAnCaShIrE
  19. any girl in new jersy want to sit on my face nd fart
  20. Looking for a girl that loves to fart in germany or worldwide
  21. looking for women in or near pittsburgh pa or northern va or dc areas
  22. BIG BROTHER ITALY 7 next date
  23. Florida Guy (age 24)
  24. Looking For Sexy Farter
  25. lookin for a guy
  26. Looking for a girl in the Netherlands
  27. midwest ladies
  28. Looking in canada
  29. France
  30. Looking for girls in montreal, Qc
  31. Mn
  32. any girls in italy...
  33. Looking 4 Women In Toronto
  34. Looking for girl in the so cal area
  35. Looking for a gassy open-minded girl in London, UK
  36. bay area
  37. Any women..
  38. Girls in Baltimore
  39. Try this too!
  40. Any gassy girls in Chitown area?
  41. How many women are actually on this site?
  42. Looking for gassy women in Buffalo New York
  43. Something I Just Realized
  44. Where are the majority of the members from?
  45. Fart Man Seeks Fart Woman
  46. Are there any ladies in this forum?
  47. Looking for a girl to fart for me, London UK
  48. oklahoma
  49. Kcmo
  50. Looking for any farty girls in the netherlands
  51. Looking In Michigan S.E.
  52. Females in Atlanta,GA
  53. Is it just me or is Kinky Kristy's asshole getting bigger?
  54. msn messenger
  55. Los Angeles, anyone?
  56. Hello from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  57. Newbie
  58. lookin for a Woman
  59. Fart girls in Alabama???
  60. Looking for Chatting and RPing
  61. Has sombody ever realized a fart date with this forum
  62. want to be farted on
  63. want
  64. fart catfight in MA
  65. Looking for open minded gassy ladies in Toronto area
  66. Forum name
  67. looking for female near ny
  68. I Want to FART on YOU!
  69. Has anyone ever had a sexy farting experience in Canada?
  70. fantasy
  71. Looking for somone in illinois
  72. will pay a male or female to fart on me
  73. Looking for poop guy or girl
  74. looking for a girl in Costa Rica
  75. Looking for a Fartgirl in Germany...
  76. fart for me ladies
  77. Pa?
  78. Looking for a fart woman in Holland
  79. looking for a fart girl in missouri
  80. friend
  81. What's about germany
  82. looking for a fartgirl in holland
  83. Looking for a pen pal who farts and philosophizes
  84. Anyone from Nova Scotia here?
  85. charleston
  86. Hello!
  87. From India
  88. Australian - Farts wanted
  89. Anyone in Tennessee
  90. new york and cali any girls form their
  91. looking 4 a fart girl in omaha
  92. still looking for a girl who is up for a fart catfight in the MA, NH or CT area
  93. Any Female In Scotland Or Maybe England Want To Fart On Me
  94. girl face fart
  95. Tampa FL area..any girl wanna fart on me
  96. any female in ny
  97. Farts (What a surprise)
  98. Where Is Everyone From?
  99. Deutschland
  100. Raleigh, NC girls wanna fart on me?
  101. Where are the women?
  102. Does any woman from the Inland Empire have a fart fetish?
  103. hey ladies
  104. Looking for Girls in Las Vegas Nevada
  105. Zdes' est' russko-govoriashchie?
  106. Introduction
  107. will pay a girl for pants or panty poop vid
  108. farting babe
  109. Any girl from Greece?
  110. guys into fart
  111. deleting posts
  112. Looking for farting gal in London UK
  113. Nose for use!!
  114. Looking for spanish girl
  115. Chatting with scat loving girl (very massive rear)
  116. looking for a farting girl in Nashville, Tn
  117. Come let me fart on you !!
  118. Fart lovers in scotland
  119. Girls in
  120. Looking for people to talk with.
  121. New to the forum
  122. Meet Girl in Germany
  123. Looking for farting girl in Ireland!
  124. Looking for fart date in the Netherlands
  125. Americanboy for London UK Gal
  126. want a girl to give face fart in India
  127. Talk to me
  128. Virgina Shout Out!!
  129. Anyone in CT that wants to do fart play??
  130. phone
  131. any girl in greece?
  132. Any Ladies in the Houston area
  133. Looking for girls in Montreal?
  134. Discuss
  135. Any girls in south carolina wanna fart on a toilet
  136. Florida.
  137. Farting in Germany
  138. Looking for a girl who likes to fart
  139. looking 4 lady in ATL
  140. Want a lady in Nashville Tn to fart on me
  141. indian girls in chicago???????????
  142. any girls in chicago???????????
  143. Tampa
  144. anygirls in australia
  145. Jacksonville Request
  146. Fartdate in Germany
  147. Looking for girl to fart on me, manchester uk
  148. Looking for partners Italy
  149. Any Jersey girls? (Or just girls who wanna talk?)
  150. Fart date in Ireland
  151. fartdate in Birmingham, England UK
  152. Any girl in Spain?
  153. Fart date in Fredericksburg, VA?
  154. Girls Fron Russia
  155. Earn Big Dollars Just By Farting
  156. any girl to fart on me from India??
  157. Fart Date In Montreal ??
  158. looking for a gassy girl in south florida
  159. Fart Date Info Log
  160. girls in north carolina?
  161. Scotland; Any Scottish Females,,,
  162. girls from finland
  163. looking for a girl in houston that loves to fart
  164. frankfurt 9dec
  165. Fart queen needed
  166. fart slave
  167. looking 4 a girl 2 fart on me
  168. fart chat
  169. fart chat correction
  170. looking for love
  171. Any Jersey Girls? (Or Tri-State Area in general?)
  172. fart chat
  173. Alguem do brasil aqui?
  174. any ladies in arizona
  175. Meet Me in Zurich
  176. istanbul fart lover
  177. Are there actually any girls that visit this site that would be interested?
  178. long island
  179. Florida Guy near orlando [Fart - Bathroom]
  180. male/25/florida looking for fart/toilet woman
  181. Farters in Stuttgart
  182. looking for farting girl from italy or from the whole world
  183. Fetish chat
  184. Fetish chat
  185. Fartslave Argentina!
  186. a girl to fart on my face
  187. Birmingham, United Kingdom
  188. Gassy BBW
  189. video chat and erotic talk
  190. Any English Gals Here??
  191. Wtf, why do none of the posts by guys have any real responses?
  192. fart date in MALAYSIA
  193. Central Illinois :)
  194. fart date in malaysia
  195. Looking for a fart buddy
  196. Fart Competition?
  197. Noen Norske jenter her? - Any Norwegian girls here?
  198. Seattle?
  199. Does this actually work
  200. Any ladies in NY long Island area?
  201. Nashville ,TN
  202. Any Ladies in NEW YORK CITY
  203. new, inexperienced
  204. fartingboy
  205. Any women in or near Marshall, Texas
  206. ok ill try this
  207. Looking for J-ville girls
  208. Alguien de ARGENTINA? (somebody from ARGENTINA?)
  209. looking for fart girl utica ny area
  210. Lookin for gassy dark skinned girl
  211. any pooting cuties in Colorado?
  212. Any woman in spain?
  213. Looking in S.E. Michigan
  214. Girl in Las Vegas
  215. Fart date in Quebec !
  216. any girls frm Pittsburgh
  217. Ohio
  218. Looking for a gassy guy in Alabama
  219. Aguna Chica De Chile , Latina o Sudamerica? ?
  220. Looking to be your Fart Slave for a day! x
  221. Are there any women with flatulance near Toronto
  222. Girls in tokyo japan who want a slave to rip bassy farts on?
  223. Bay Area
  224. Girls in or near Chicago
  225. looking for fart girl in london or uk area!
  226. Mistress Delilah's fetish film party NYC, August 18, Karma lounge
  227. Enny fart girls in norway?
  228. anyone from Italy?
  229. Check this out fart fanz>>>>>:>>
  230. anyone from any location into erotic fart talk (hehe) ?
  231. Anyone in Stockholm?
  232. anybody in florida
  233. Come meet me in Rome
  234. Looking for smelly nasty anal sex with girl in Sydney
  235. where are the german farting girls?
  236. Hey Im looking for a Girl in the Wiltshire Area
  237. Florida Fart Fetish?
  238. Looking for a female in PA!
  239. croatia!! hrvatska
  240. Any ladies live in , by or near Rialto Ca? that would like a relationship with farts?
  241. i baltimore city
  242. Jersey girls? (Tri-State area in general)
  243. Are there any fart girls in the state of TN
  244. looking for a girl who want a fart relationship
  245. any southern california girls?
  246. fart relationship
  247. Fart girl in North Carolina
  248. Arizona?
  249. I'm from Toronto
  250. girls in california?